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Pride Prom

Pride Prom 2025

Save the date! Pride Prom 2025 will take place on Friday, April 18! Stay tuned for more information. 

Read an article by Dr. Holly Wade about the importance of the San Mateo County-wide Pride Prom - Students: You Can Be Yourself at Pride Prom.

Pride Prom 2024

More than 200 students attended the 2nd Annual Pride Prom that was held Friday, February 23, 2024 at the College of San Mateo. Pride Prom was an inclusive, safe, welcoming, night to remember for 9th-12th grade students who attend high school in San Mateo County. This FREE event celebrated and uplifted LGBTQ young people and advocates for the sustained and continued efforts in our County to build places where youth are seen and supported in environments free from hate and discrimination.

This event provided a variety of activities, including dancing and a DJ, lots of food, drinks, games, and much more.

Pride Prom was coordinated with the guidance of SMUHSD Director of Special Education Services Holly Wade because, “All students deserve an opportunity to experience a safe and accepting place to celebrate themselves. Our students in San Mateo County have made it very clear that having a place to gather and be joyful as their true selves is an essential part of belonging to their queer community. Additionally this event has garnered tremendous community support both as volunteers and donors as well. It is truly a healing experience for all.”

This year's event was organized by District Health Services and Employee Wellness Lead Ana Herold who used her incredible skills to manage volunteer sign ups, registration of students, and the scheduling and timeline of the event as well as a post-event survey to students who attended.

Burlingame High Instructional Assistant Steve Meyer was the DJ for the event - he had to manage more than 300 song requests before the dance even started!

Culinary students in the classes of Jefferson High School Teacher Scott Sachs and Menlo Atherton High School Teacher Craig Barnard baked all of the wonderful desserts.

Community Partners

We acknowledge and appreciate the dedication of our Community Partners in planning this event including the San Mateo County Office of Education, College of San Mateo, Coast Pride, LGBTQ Commission of San Mateo County, and San Mateo Pride Center.



Thank you to the more than 35 volunteers who helped with setting up, registering guests and cleaning up! Volunteers included SMUHSD staff and folks from Districts across the county, as well as from SMCOE, SMCCCD, as well as parents/guardians of students throughout the County!  Community members also participated to celebrate the joy in the event and build connections.


Want to get involved next year?

More information about Pride Prom volunteer opportunities will be posted in the coming months.


2024 Student Testimonials

I love Pride Prom, and especially with my struggles with mental health, it has been a really significant and uplifting event that I value deeply.

It’s a lot more freeing to have an event specifically targeting queer people—not only does it create an inclusive space (which was a lot more fun than regular dances, actually), it shows that the district cares. Having a reserved space/time truly was just wonderful.

At pride prom I feel actually comfortable, while at other school dances I'm always trying to leave. Every student deserves a fun high school experience.

Everyone should have a place to be themselves.

Legit this was the night of my life.

Pride Prom 2023

More than 175 high school students attended the first ever San Mateo County Pride Prom, held at the College of San Mateo, on Friday, April 14. The free event, open to any 9th-12th grader attending high school in San Mateo County, featured music by DJ Steve-O (Instructional Assistant at Burlingame High School), food and drinks. 

An impressive example of the support for this event was showcased in the more than 50 volunteers that showed up to help out. 

Superintendent Booker was interviewed by the San Mateo Daily Journal about the event and he had this to say about why Pride Prom is so important: “I want our kids to go ‘Oh my gosh, this is why I love living here, this is why I love my community.’ It’s important that kids feel confident and comfortable and loved up on in their community. We’re a school district first, so this has implications for teaching and learning. We know that if kids don’t feel supported they don’t do well.”

SMUHSD acknowledges and appreciates the many donors from the community and the dedication of community partners in planning this event along with us - including the San Mateo County Office of Education, College of San Mateo, Coast Pride, LGBTQ Commission of San Mateo County, and San Mateo Pride Center.

If you are interested in finding out how to contribute and support San Mateo County Pride Prom 2024, please contact the SMUHSD Office of the Superintendent at 650-558-2299.

In the News

San Mateo County holding first Pride Prom
San Mateo Daily Journal, April 14, 2023  

How to Donate

Please consider donating to help make this free, inclusive event available for all San Mateo County students! We greatly appreciate any support.