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Nicotine, Drug and Alcohol Alerts

Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome

Be on the lookout for Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome!  If someone you know regularly uses a weed vape and is experiencing nausea and stomach pain, they need to stop using vapes to give their stomach a chance to recover. 


Talk to your friends and family about fentanyl in pills and powders!  All pills purchased online or on social media are fake and could be made with fentanyl, which leads to immediate death with just a few grains.

Nicotine Vape

The top nicotine vape that teens like to use is a Flum Float, but it’s impossible to know how much nicotine is in it just from looking at it.  We’re here to tell you it contains a whopping 400 mg of nicotine, as much as 20 packs (1 carton) of cigarettes!  If someone goes through a Flum in a week, that’s like smoking 3 packs a day, but it costs WAY less!